Work / Virtual Machine

2011-02-20 01:11:22


This project was originally conceived to tackle the simple problem of creating and storing custom animations for 3d models. Since then it has become rather much more, an entire tool-chain in fact. This is my (hand-crafted) interpretation of an application virtual machine. 

The compiler accepts a low-level assembly-like language. Work is on-going on a higher-level language (something not too dissimilar from javascript) and cross compiler.

An alpha version of the tool-chain is available for download below. It currently includes 3 executables (compiler, linker and host) and a runtime library that contains the virtual machine implementation.

Size: 233.47 KB, Date: 2012-07-08 20:21, MD5: 836aa64dcf873ceaac9adcbcb3f63400