2011-08-08 19:36:28

Twitter Plug-in for Nokia N900

I decided to take on the task of updating the open-source 'Twitter Plug-in for Contacts and Conversations' on the n900, which has been in need of attention for some time. The plug-in was initially written/ported before OAuth was introduced to Twitter, and unfortunately no longer worked. 

There are proxy services (i.e. out there that provide the ability to log on to Twitter using basic authentication, but due to changes in the Twitter APIs since the plug-in was written, it had trouble with certain requests through these services too.



HashTag Search

Some tweaking needed to be done, so I delved into the code-base (written and officially maintained by @neaveru and @rabbitrun84 - thanks guys!) and started learning about telepathy and libpurple. So far I have updated it so that it now conforms to the updated basic authentication API and thus works with (or any other suitable basic auth proxy service) - so at the moment its fully functional, even though it does currently rely on a third party basic auth provider (although you could always setup your own).

Time Line


Direct Messages

I'm not content with stopping here however - when I get time I intend to implement full OAuth support (not only because its the right and proper way but also so that there is no reliance/free-loading on third party proxy services - they get bandwith bills too), so hopefully I'll have something soon on TMO or here! :)

At the moment, you must disable the 'Use Https' option (I don't think supertweet supports it) and have in the 'Host Url' box, as show below:

Kudos to for being generally epic! ^^;;

Enjoy the plug-in!



  1. The original plugin must already be installed (from extras-devel)
  2. account


Installation Instructions

  1. download the attached file below
  2. log out of all im accounts and close all windows
  3. go into offline mode
  4. unzip the downloaded file into the /usr/lib/purple-2 directory (overwriting existing file)
  5. go back into normal mode
  6. recreate twitter account using supertweet credentials (disable https option)

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