2011-07-17 04:52:17

n900 backgrounds

Here are some desktop backgrounds I have made for my lovely n900 - they were all shot and gimp'd on my n900 (FTW!) ;D I hope you like them!




And here is a panorama of the London skyline :) I didn't take this panoramic photo, and I don't know how did (i just cropped it) - if it was you, please let me know!


I will add more to this page as I make them. I have zipped them into an archive for easy downloading :) Feel free to use them on your n900!

Size: 9.41 MB, Date: 2011-07-24 22:54, MD5: 3b9f5033c9d2bf6290d823c59b16fd3b

p.s. He's called Sparkle! And I love him loads <3 ^^;