2013-07-14 01:09:10

N900 Broken USB Port

Here are a few pictures of the broken usb port on my n900:


Higher resolution versions of these images are available at the link below:

Size: 8.98 MB, Date: 2013-07-14 01:54, MD5: 2e6ad9599feaa82c3792556d3e0e64bb

I will update this post with the outcome of my attempt at fixing it!



Well I had a go at soldering the right-hand side ground connectors but unfortunately didn't really get very far. The soldering iron (25W) wasn't really hot enough at the tip and i'm not sure I 'tinned the bit' properly, because the iron seemed to suck the solder from the joint rather than deposit it. These are the tools I used:

I secured the motherboard in place like so - I used some folded paper to pad the underside and made sure it was only contacting the usb port directly on the other side:

Here are the results of my attempt - as you can see the port joints are now clearly not connected to the motherboard - I beleive the entire port needs to be removed and replaced, as it seems that it has buckled into a state where it cannot sit flush with the underlying pcb. also note the amount of crud deposited onto the pcb by the soldering iron (is this due to a new tip being used?):


Here are a few super-magnified images (400x it tells me..) of the front ground connector on the right side of the port:

Here are a few super-magnified shots of the underside of the right side of the port - I beleive those orangey dots are from the ground pad underneath the port:

The port has unfortunately buckled significantly. I hoped that maybe keeping it in the grip of that clamp tool for a period of time would have bent it back into shape but unfortunately it didn't - here are some shots of the very centre of the port:

And just to round it off here are all the bits laid out separately - I'm quite impressed by how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble the n900 :)

Below is a link to download all of these images in higher resolution:

Size: 16.08 MB, Date: 2013-07-14 23:08, MD5: d2ce298ddd050b1008d379059ee70de0