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2016-03-13 19:30:49


VERSION 1.X.X.XXXX - 2019-09-XX

Size: unknown, Uploaded: unknown, MD5: unknown

  • Added true update synchronisation.
  • Added ability to snap windows to the taskbar.
  • Added multi-monitor support.
  • Added 'shaded' window mode.
  • Added always-on-top toggle.
  • Improved rendering performance significantly.
  • Improved gui framework.
  • Fixed bug in mouse offset calculation in motion handler.
  • Cleaned up code.

VERSION - 2017-04-05

Size: 188.85 KB, Date: 2017-04-05 01:50, MD5: 9c41a8cea091dac76e357e9555fd7e80

  • Fixed minor line rendering bug that occured if the line end was clipped.

VERSION - 2017-04-04

Size: 188.82 KB, Date: 2017-04-04 01:15, MD5: c7a86bae549ddb2584b1da0e920cef89

  • Improved error messages.
  • Fixed bug where view offset in preview graph wasn't being reset.

VERSION - 2017-04-03

Size: 188.28 KB, Date: 2017-04-03 23:09, MD5: ec892917351849a408a2ec1fb5fa6e72

  • Optimised and consolidated text rendering framework.
  • Improved graph (dragging) interactivity.
  • Improved logging framework slightly.
  • Fixed catpure bug in mouse event handling logic again. :/
  • Removed more inefficient colour-from-string conversions.

VERSION - 2017-04-02

Size: 188.19 KB, Date: 2017-04-02 23:07, MD5: ba92f9ebb037f13588b2340e91c190bf

  • Added window-snapping (à la WinAmp) to desktop and other window edges.
  • Added more exception handling in event handlers.
  • Improved window dragging logic (now absolute instead of relative positioning).
  • Fixed catpure bug in mouse event handling logic.
  • Fixed indexing bug in data inspector.

VERSION - 2017-04-01

Size: 181.29 KB, Date: 2017-04-01 22:49, MD5: 2a061b7b701ca69701aa44428185d8fe

  • Fixed bug in average calculation.
  • Changed textual inspectors to update as graphs are dragged.

Version - 2017-03-10

Size: 180.81 KB, Date: 2017-03-10 00:45, MD5: b7db482bd838e56ed1da20b2850b7353

  • Added ability to scroll back through historical data buffer.
  • Added ability to specify historical data buffer size.
  • Added a (non-interactive) scrollbar to indicate position in historical data buffer.
  • Improved data collection framework.
  • Improved data visualisation framework.
  • Changed visual ordering of numerical readouts of floating data inspector.
  • Removed inefficient colour-from-string conversions in data inspector.
  • Cleaned up utility code.
  • Fixed buggy decimal point precision on numerical readouts.

Version - 2017-03-05

Size: 180.01 KB, Date: 2017-03-05 02:33, MD5: 9a6cf23a3f46e4fd06451f3e704c29e5

  • Added ability to render percentage graphs alongside other graph types.
  • Added ability to have certain graphs not contribute to rescaling the viewport.
  • Added ability to specify units per graph.
  • Added ability to configure scroll amount of preview window.
  • Added ability to specify which inspector type (of 3) to use.
  • Added ability to specify preview graph fill mode.
  • Added ability to have certain graphs only appear in the preview.
  • Improved clipping/clamping in line, rectangle and triangle renderers (Liang–Barsky).
  • Improved bar rendering method.
  • Improved icon/preview animation logic.
  • Improved synchronicity of updates.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Updated default configuration.
  • Cleaned/Reorganised code-base.
  • Removed all compiler warnings.
  • Fixed COLORREF conversion bug.
  • Fixed minor bug in gui surface if client area is transparent.

Version - 2017-03-01

Size: 174.7 KB, Date: 2017-03-02 10:20, MD5: 74883f4a2643f39f13da932bbc2f32fd

  • Removed buggy experimental window background theme colourisation code.

VERSION - 2017-02-27

Size: 174.67 KB, Date: 2017-02-27 18:03, MD5: f5ac221b5d60a7dcdb465f6b4eb04673

  • Added preview window to replace hint popup.
  • Added historical data inspector.
  • Improved line rendering algorithm.
  • Improved multi-threading internals even more.
  • Improved data collection framework.
  • Improved GUI framework.

VERSION - 2016-06-04

Size: 123.33 KB, Date: 2016-06-04 15:49, MD5: 17ed0656e178ee86638584465fe76e40

  • Added 'Rate' unit. 
  • Fixed representation of 'Size' unit.
  • Added 'invert' property to highlight configuration.
  • Improved highlight blending when multiple highlights are active.
  • Fixed line and bar rendering bug where scrollAmount was not a power of two.
  • Fixed highlighting bug when backgroundColour is specified.
  • Improved unit suffixes.
  • Optimised code even more.

VERSION - 2016-05-14

Size: 121.68 KB, Date: 2016-05-14 20:09, MD5: 9c18b7b74d6db2ad67c3dafc8efb2d2d

  • Added support for multiple graphs per icon.
  • Improved multi-threading internals.
  • Changed config format to JSON and restructured layout.
  • Added gauge lines.
  • Added fixed minimum and fixed maximum scaling.
  • Added ability to highlight icon with a custom colour at a specified average value(s).
  • Improved line rendering algorithm at icon edges.
  • Improved colour selection logic.
  • Added ability to set icon background colour.
  • Added (error) logging.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Optimised/Reduced resource usage.
  • Improved design/code structure.
  • Added automatic build versioning.
  • Fixed many, many bugs.

VERSION - 2016-03-27

Size: unknown, Uploaded: unknown, MD5: unknown

  • Fixed minor bug with size units determination.
  • Changed format of colours in config from BBGGRRAA to RRGGBBAA.
  • Improved configuration loading code.
  • Fixed default tooltip text.

Version - 2016-03-13

Size: unknown, Uploaded: unknown, MD5: unknown

  • Initial Release.